Boston University, Kilachand Honors College (August 2018–present)

  • Writing Citizenship, Imagining Home

  • Frankenstein’s Afterlives

  • Research, Media, and Storytelling

  • Research, Historical Memory, and Reconciliation

  • Senior Seminar on Innovation, Culture and Society

The Ohio State University, Department of English (August 2013–May 2018​)

  • World Literature (online course)

  • Selected Works of British Literature: 1800 to Present

  • Transatlantic Romanticism

  • The Rhetoric of Storytelling

  • Nineteenth-Century Women Writers

  • Transnational “Imagined Communities”

  • Language, Identity, and Culture in the U.S. Experience, 1800 to the Present

  • Intermediate Writing: Art and Entertainment Genres

The University of Texas at Austin, OnRamps dual-enrollment program (January 2018–May 2018)

  • Introduction to Rhetoric: Reading, Writing and Research (online course)

  • Reading and Writing the Rhetoric of American Identity (online)